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Tips Presentation Final Year Project (FYP)

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1. Introduction 

Introduction ni penting sebab tu law of attraction untuk bagi panel faham tentang projek kita . . Tak kisah lah projek yang kita buat tu gempak ke tak , tapi try untuk buat introduction segempak mungkin. Dalam intorduction, kita kena cerita pasal projek kita, segala definition yang berkaitan ke, etc.

2. Problems 

Keluarkan segala problems yang berkaitan dengan projek kita. Every and each of the problem, we need to mention them. Tapi, elakkan atau jangan sebut langsung yang projek kita ni adalah solution untuk problem lain . . 

3. Objectives

Dalam kata mudah, objektif merupakan solution kepada problems yang kita ada untuk projek kita tu. Apa yang kita boleh buat untuk selesaikan problem yang kita mention earlier. Make sure, korang kaitkan objectives korang dengan problem. Mention satu per sau. Jangan malas kayyy

4. Findings

Kat sini, korang letaklah segala graph / graphics / diagrams / tables yang berkaitan. Make sure korang faham apa yang korang buat tu, jangan hentam je. Nak reka result pun, make sure logik and korang faham macam mana nak interpret nanti.

5. Discussion 

Findings yang kita dapat. What are the solutions. Tunjuk dengan jelas dalam bentuk graphs, tables, diagrams, etc. Dannn jangan lupa untuk explain setiap graph, diagrams, etc yang berkaitan tu. Sebabnya... Judges memang curious gilaaa nak tau dan dari findings and discussion korang ni lah dia reka segala soalan. Kalau guna analysis data, make sure faham betul-2 kenapa guna software tu, tak guna software yang lain. Apa rasional korang guna software berkaitan.

6. Conclusion 

Tengok balik projek korang tu, capai ke tak objective and conclude apa-2 je based on objective korang. For example ;

1. This project has succeed one of its objectives which is ..... // objective 1 // .. because... // reason untuk objective 1 ...

2. The .... // objective 2 // .... is successfully achieved since .... // reason untuk objective 2 ...

7. Future Work

Dekat part ni, korang boleh letak bila projek sepatutnya jadi tapi tak jadi / letak apa projek ni boleh pergi ke mana pada masa hadapan / boleh tambah apa lagi untuk penambah baikan projek. Make sure logik ! Jangan hentam blindly. 

Good luck ! Break your legs.

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APA Reference List Examples

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Book with Single Author:

Gore, A. (2006). An inconvenient truth: The planetary emergency of global warming and what we can do about it. Emmaus, PA: Rodale.

In-text reference: (Gore, 2006)

Book with Two Authors:

Michaels, P. J., & Balling, R. C., Jr. (2000). The satanic gases: Clearing the air about global warming. Washington, DC: Cato Institute.

In-text reference: (Michaels & Balling, 2000)

Book with Editor as Author:

Galley. K. E. (Ed.). (2004). Global climate change and wildlife in North America. Bethesda, MD: Wildlife Society.

In-text reference: (Galley, 2004)

Brochure or Pamphlet:

New York State Department of Health. (2002). After a sexual assault. [Brochure]. Albany, NY: Author.

In-text reference: (New York, 2002)

An Anonymous Book:

Environmental resource handbook. (2001). Millerton, NY: Grey House.

In-text reference: (Environmental Resource Handbook, 2001) 

Articles in Reference Books (unsigned and signed):

Greenhouse effect. (2005). American heritage science dictionary. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin.

Schneider, S. H. (2000). Greenhouse effect.
World book encyclopedia (Millennium ed. Vol. 8, pp. 382-383). Chicago, IL: World Book.

In-text references : (Greenhouse effect, 2005) / (Schneider, 2000) 

Magazine Articles:

Allen, L. (2004, August). Will Tuvalu disappear beneath the sea? Global warming threatens to swamp a small island nation. Smithsonian, 35(5), 44-52.

Begley, S., & Murr, A. (2007, July 2). Which of these is not causing global warming? A. Sport utility vehicles; B. Rice fields; C. Increased solar output. Newsweek, 150(2), 48-50.

In-text references: (Allen, 2004) / (Begley, 2007)

Newspaper Articles (unsigned and signed):

College officials agree to cut greenhouse gases. (2007, June 13). Albany Times Union, p. A4.

Landler, M. (2007, June 2). Bush’s Greenhouse Gas Plan Throws Europe Off Guard. New York Times, p. A7.

In-text references: (“College Officials”, 2007) / (Landler, 2007)

Journal Article with Continuous Paging:

Miller-Rushing, A. J., Primack, R. B., Primack, D., & Mukunda, S. (2006). Photographs and herbarium specimens as tools to document phonological changes in response to global warming. American Journal of Botany, 93, 1667-1674.

In-text reference: (Miller-Rushing, Primack, Primack, & Mukunda, 2006)

Journal Article when each issue begins with p.1:

Bogdonoff, S., & Rubin, J. (2007). The regional greenhouse gas initiative: Taking action in Maine. Environment, 49(2), 9-16.

In-text reference: (Bogdonoff & Rubin, 2007)

Journal Article from a Library Subscription Service Database with a DOI (digital object identifier):

Mora, C., & Maya, M. F. (2006). Effect of the rate of temperature increase of the dynamic method on the heat tolerance of fishes. Journal of Thermal Biology, 31, 337-341. doi: 10.101b/jtherbio.2006.01.055

In-text reference: (Mora & Maya, 2006)


United States Environmental Protection Agency. (2007, May 4). Climate Change. Retrieved From the Environmental Protection Agency website:

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Gelspan, R. (2007). The Heat Is Online. Lake Oswego, OR: Green House Network. Retrieved from The Heat Is Online website:

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