Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Heal Yourself. They'll Come and Heal the Rest

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They told me the same problem. That they have been through relationships and it is over. And they just came with a same question.

" Lelaki semua sama eh ? "

" Lelaki memang suka mainkan perempuan eh ? "

" Nobody really wants me "

" I am no better than anyone "

And I really really really hate when they started to generalise men because of that. And I asked them a question.

" How about your father ? "

" Abah is the only one who's not gonna hurt me "

" Then, we are not same "

If your father never hurt you.

Know that there's man that not going to hurt you.

If your father always protecting you.

Know that there's a man that going to protect you.

Good man exists. We do exist. But for the god sake, most of the good men have been friendzoned. Haha.

Okay, here's thing.

Someday, there's a man that gonna walk into your life. A man that's gonna heal every single wound that you thought they couldn't be healed. A man that's gonna end your unbearable pain you used to keep.

A man who gonna love you unconditionally. Who's gonna love every single thing about you. Who's gonna love your eyes, your soul, your flaws and your everything.

He'll come.

Have faith and keep praying.

Stop seeking for love. Stop seeking for a relationship. When the time comes, It will come.

Now, focus on loving yourself.

Focus on healing yourself.

Because your mistake is you rush to find someone to be with you into a relationship when you are not yet healed. And you thought they could heal you when they couldn't ever heal you. That's why it's failed and you ended up getting hurt.

It us who need to heal ourself before anyone else does.

Stop finding for it. Heal yourself.

And someday, they'll come and heal the rest.

Have faith and love yourself for now.

Finding for it will only give another pain.

By: Luqman San

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