Wednesday, 22 February 2017

All Girls Need to Read This

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Men who truly love will move mountains to marry the woman of their dreams and the future mother of their children. Although just because a man has chased you enough to marry you doesn't make him worthy of you. 

Be wise and get marital counselling and make sure he knows the Fiqh of Marriage and divorce. 

Make sure he is stable enough to support you and your first pregnancy. 

Does he know the importance of saving money?

Will he be a hands on father?

Is he well read?

Does he know about periods and contraception? Yes it is important that a man is equally educated about these topics. 

What kind of men does he move around with?

Is he a hardworker and a hustler or keeps searching for shortcuts to make unstable inconsistent quick bucks?

Is he actively involved in the community and dawah scene or is he a loner who is living in his parents home and playing games on his gadgets? 

How does he treat his mother and sisters? 

If he is abusing them and is distant from them know for sure you will soon be added to that list. No matter how many hours you guys talk on the phone now.

Is he still in touch with his exs or is lax with his interactions when it comes to opposite sex? 

He is meant to be a qawwam over you and not your first baby. 

Choose your spouse wisely. 

You are not only choosing your husband but you are choosing the father of your future kids.

The meaning of a Qawwam is a man who protects you financially, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. 

Make sure you are marrying a man and not a boy. 

Marriage is already a lot of work. Do not marry someone with red flags.

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