Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Love Means Never Having to Say Sorry

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Bismillah . .

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In one bedside teaching session, a lecturer asked, .
"Have you heard a phrase..
love means never having to say sorry..its from a movie 'Love story'?"
Me: No
At first, I wasnt really agree. For me, we have to say sorry for every mistake we did. And i believe it helps to fix the relationship when we practice apologize and forgiveness. .
And i think now, i could understand the phrase. 
Love means never having to say sorry..
you know why? Because the love itself makes the person to forgive even in the biggest mistake the lover made. We might get mad initially, but after that the angry fades since love comes to replace the anger..
until the one who did the mistake do not have to say sorry in order to get forgiveness since it has been given even before the other person apologize. .
Can you see how powerful the love is?
When the lecturer mentioned the phrase, i could relate it to our parents..They always forgive us eventhough we sometimes treat them badly. .
And Allah..the most forgiving and merciful to His slaves. We all have heard that the reason for someone to enter Jannah is by His rahmah.. when you get the rahmah, you can enter it despite so many sins you have done before..
I have heard this one ustaz said,
"if you cant forgive your partner(husband or wife), you have to find love between you. Because only with love you can forgive. When there's no love, its difficult to forgive"..
Thats why Rasulullah SAW is so loving and forgiving. Because his heart fulls of love, love towards Allah leads him to love others..
So lets spread the love and kindness for a peaceful world❤️

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