Friday, 15 July 2016

After Someone Failed in Their Relationship

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After someone failed in their relationship.

It is tough for them. They have been dumped, left, betrayed, got hurt and their souls have been murdered.

One choose to cry and begging for the people to come back. They eat a lot of food and getting fat. They isolated themself and cry in the bed.
Whereas, one choose to wake up, go for a diet, be beautiful and make them regret. They strive in academic and join business to show the people that they could give an amazing payback.
It is useless to beg for someone who doesn't love you. It is useless to cry for someone who doesn't appreciate you.
What is the good that you cry and being pathetic for them ? Rather than you wake up and show that you could do better without them ?
Which one do you choose ?
Haa ? You choose Luqmang ?

Kgurau. Jangan layan pikapline aku.
Ibu marah, dan ada lagi yg marah. Aha

Above all, Don't let your friends that failed in their relationship cry, regretting the past by eating a lot of food to heal their depression.
Don't let them being pathetic to show the people that they are sad because those people left them.
Help them to wake up. Help them to make a payback. Help them to give the best revenge to the people that left them. A piece of words from you might help 

by : Luqman San

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