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Paaa cita? Cita dia , sekarang ni jadi anak tunggal dalam rumah . Adik - beradik lain semua da balik kampung . T_T Bukan kena tinggal . Bukan . Bukan . Jangan buat assumption melulu eh. Ada kerja sikit kat sini . Tu tak lepas balik kampung lagi . Hmm . Bukan bekerja , iya.. Iya . Saya tahu , saya tak mempunyai gaji yang tetap . Jadi budak-2 , jangan nak minta duit raya sangat la kan . :P

Currently , super addicted dengar Enchanted by Owl City . Lagu asal Taylor Swift nyanyi masa dua tiga tahun lepas . Lagu ni Taylor Swift tujukan kepada Adam (Sebut gaya London hokeeyyy, Edemmm , Bukan Adam) dan Adam membalas balik persoalan Taylor Swift .

Disebabkan ada dua versi . Entah kenapa , hati ni terpikat dengan versi Owl City . Siap fengfeeeling Adam tu tujukan pada Yaya D_D . . .

Tapi . . Adam & Taylor tak bercinta pun .  . Kronologi kewujudan lagu ni . .

first of all, they never dated or had a relationship,taylor met adam at a bar or something performing and after he performed taylor went backstage to meet him,media at the time said that adam used the words "wonderstruck" and "enchanted",taylor recognized that he used words that weren't common,then when taylor was going home,she asked herself: does he like me?,is someone waiting for him?,taylor looked back and saw adam looking at her both were a little bit blushing(white pinkish),then taylor made this song because of her unspoken love for adam,what she didn't know was that adam had a crush on her before he met her,you could say they were perfect for each other,
then taylor and adam kept on sending messages to each other,after 2 weeks taylor released her new song "Enchanted",adam knew when he heard the song that it was about him cause he's the only one who used those specific words,
adam made this version of the song 6 months after taylor did,on Valentines Day,
adam sent it to taylor,the media overheard the news,and rushed to tell everyone and asked to know what taylor's reply was,to everyone's suprise taylor never replied...
after that,adam got interviewed about it and said that she might have forgot about it and said these exact words: "she is a very talented person that has a strong personality to express herself through her own songs,so when you here one of her songs you get to know her a little more,if she ended up with (IDK the name of the guy taylor went out with) .......... then i would wish them the happiest blessing i could give".
those were the exact words adam said.
I Thought Ed Sheeran and Taylor looked good together but when i heard this,I was rooting for them,it's just sad for me they never had something special..... :(

 P/s : Siap cari kronologi dia lagi kau... Kan lagi seronok kalau tahu kronologi sejarah-2 Islam. Aucch !

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