Sunday, 7 August 2016

Congratulations On Your E-Day

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Bismillah . .

Assalamualaikum . .

First of all , millions congratulations to the most beautiful and gorgeous Kak Anim a.k.a Kak Farahanim Razak (Host for TV Alhijrah Station) on her engagement day , which was yesterday . Can't wait for their wedding . Wanna attend it . She is actually my senior during school days . I know , she can't remember me well , slowly but surely , she can recall me back XP 

Yeay K. Anim , you're not single anymore , always remember , you're now Mrs Fiancee to Mr Handsome Dentist :) I do pray for your best , May Allah bless you guys . May we meet again later =) Don't naughty too much kayy . 

P/s : To see her E-day's pics , do visit her instagram . @farahanimrazak 


  1. hanim tu serius lawaaa... akak dulu 1 uitm jengka dengan dia. Masa dia OM jengka memang akak n kawan2 selalu cakap lawanya budak ni... tak sangka Hanim sekarang dah popular. hihi. comel pun comel. :)

    eh panjang pulak komen. hahha. over pulak sini :P

    1. Haha . Kann , Comel sangat , macam anak patung <3


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