Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Parody Wars Part 2

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Title : Gas Bling
By : Titanzz Group

C/O ;
You used to tell me about gas laws,
Gas exists all around us,
No fixed volume and shape,
Particles are very far apart.

And I know when O2 released,
That can only mean 1 thing.
I know it is for living,
That can only mean 1 thing.

Eversince Charles’ left the city, you.
He got me V and T relationship,
Everybody knows its directly proportional,
Boy you got me V and T, but not P.

Cause eversince Charles’ left the city, you
V over T must be equal to K,
The pressure of substance remains constant,
Hanging with particles never seen before.

And I know when the HCN,
That can only mean 1 thing,
I know when they are released,
You could be deadly poisoned.

Eversince Boyle’s left the city you you you
Boyle’s and Charles’ will never get along,
Cause it’s time for P and V,
Going inversely proportional.

Eversince Boyle’s left the city,
He got exactly constant T now,
Running around the lab with P and V,
Hanging with Boyle’s no need T at all.

And I know He , Ne,
That can only mean 1 thing, 
I know when they are released,
They are chemically inert.

These days all I do is,
Avogadro is about volume and amount of gas,
All about V directly proportional to the volume of gas,
Doing labs with constant temperature and pressure,

You need two two point four,
Liter of the container,
No, why you never alone?
Why need these 3 laws?

Used to always stay at lab.
Be a calm boy.
273K yeah,
PV to nRT,
Right now you should have known.

And I know they are colourless,
That can only mean 1 thing,
But not for NO2,
It is typically brown.

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