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Pernah dengar tak pasal simkad TUNE TALK TONE EXCEL ? Simkad yang semakin Hottsss sekarang ni . Tak join lagi ? RUGI ! Join sekarang cepat . Apa yang best mengenai simkad TUNE TALK TONE EXCEL ni ? Dengan menggunakan simkad TUNE TALK TONE EXCEL ini , anda akan dapat :

  • Bercakap
  • Bersms
  • Berinternet
  • Insuran kemalangan RM100 ribu
  • Bila topup akan mendapat point yang boleh ditukarkan kepada tiket kapal-terbang
  • Mendapat corporate rate di Tune Hotel di seluruh dunia 
  • Lesen untuk berniaga
Selain daripada itu, dengan setiap topup sebanyak RM30, anda akan dapat 1GB internet secara PERCUMA ! Tunggu apa lagi , jom daftar sekarang !

This Simcard is in market since 2010 .. It has reached 990,000 users across the country .....
Each will have own ID number.. After I register you, you will get you own ID number .. With that ID and with minimum topup of rm20 per month. You had the opportunity to be TONEEXCEL SDN BHD entrepreneur and make money monthly BANYAK by sitting at home only πŸ˜Š How? I explain OK?

1⃣   How to generate money? Introduce this simcard to Family/friends/neighbours.. recommend them to change simcard tone excel too (can have old number) help them get the simcard..then register them using your ID number
1 person register = you will be paid rm20
10 person = RM200
100 person = rm2000
And so on.......

2⃣   Get money monthly.
Example: you introduce to your friend Mr.A.. He use this simcard and topup every month.. You will get 6% commission from that.. Let's say he topup RM100 this month, you will be paid rm6.00 .. Next month also will be the same.. You will get paid.. Mr. A kredit will not be reduced at all.. As the money is paid by the company.. Not taking Mr.A Money..

3⃣   In abundance? BANYAK? when Mr.A also want to make money, he suggest his friend Mr.B to use this simcard too. Mr.B use this simcard, when he topup. you will get paid also ..3% when Mr.B topup..

Mr.B topup Rm100 , u will get paid 3% = rm3.00 . it is the same.. Every time he topup.. You will get paid.. Even though you not friend with Mr.B..When Mr B want to make money too.. He suggest to his friend Mr.C.. Mr.C topup you will get paid 11% ..

Example: Mr.C topup rm100 you get paid Rm11.00 ..that's the same % you get every time he topup..
😱 a lot right?

4⃣   How to get money while at home?
This is interesting part.. When they topup, they don't have to look for you.. They can topup everywhere..any time.. Like at 7E. where they sell tune talk topup... . when they topup. Money is paid to you. Imagine.. Sitting in home..sleeping @ doing any activities you get money.. They topup dont need to tell you.. You check account bank there is money paid..😊 and imagine how long they will use that simcard and for how long they will topup.. As long as they live right? πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸΌ as long as they topup you will get paid.. Awesome right?

** EXTRA INFO .. IF your monthly commission over RM100 a month .. you can set up for auto topup..mesin auto topup will help to topup for you at 4th each month automatically πŸ˜Š you don't need to go topup at shop anymore..GET TOPUP FREEDOM.. AND ACHIEVE FINANCIAL FREEDOM 
** Additionally, if your commission more than RM1000 a month, you are eligible for Free Umrah package. Go Umrah FREE.. If you don't want, you can exchange the package for RM4000 cash grab.

Menarik bukan ? Macam mana nak daftar? Okay , boleh KLIK SINI

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