Friday, 7 August 2015

Wise Words

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Bismillah ..


Issam Bayan words really inspired me . =) Thanks to him . Keep up the good work bro ! May Allah bless you :D

Don't compare your progress with that of others. We al have our own time and our own special way to succeed .

Mistakes are proof that you're trying . Keep moving !

Don't play a saint to say : 'I don't want to marry you , because you aren't virgin anymore' - Especially when you slept with others as well .

Da'wa with your manners , Islam is a religion of practice not only of words .

Don't let money control you , don't let it affect your life . It will be for many an ultimate destroyer of afterlife . Don't be one of them .

What is Haram for a Hijabi is also Haram for a non-Hijabi . And what is Haram for her is often Haram also for him . Don't queen it boy .

We can't decide who we love . Love comes from itself , it can't be created , it just happens .

The command to lower your gaze was before Hijab became compulsory . Blame your eyes , not the woman . It's hard , but not impossible bro .

'O Allah ! Keep me alive as long as life is better for me , and let me die if death is better for me.'

It's not a shame to fall in love with each other . But, don't hide it in front of your family . When you're ready , you'll marry . In shaa Allah .

The biggest difference between a girlfriend and a wife is that a wife fullfils your deen , whilst a girlfriend destroys it .

If you share too much love to everyone , you will get weak . Share kindness and respect to everyone but love only to specific person in your life .

Never stop to repent , even though you do the same sin again and again . You wash your clothes again and again when they're dirty , right ?

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