Friday, 7 August 2015

Syawal Giveaway

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Dear Hanis Craft ,

So, this is my very first entry I am going to write to you . I hope there will be many more . :) My finger lingered on the mouse pad, not yet daring to touch it to open the blog . I saw a giveaway contest on the right sidebar of my blog and kept wondered , what it would look a like . I wondered if I have enough time to join it . Ohh . I really craving to get Felt Pillow . 

Slowly , I aimed the 'New Post' button and took a deep breath again . What should I write ? Ahhh , I'm not that creative , but ... I do want Felt Pillow to be mine . T_T

One fine day ,
I lost my way ,
I stumbled and fell , 
To a place where it seemed bottomless ,
A place where pain seemed to have no cure .

One fine day ,
I follow Hanis Craft | My Art & Craft's blog ,
As I stared into speechless ,
And what felt like emptiness ,
Slowly filled up again ,
As Felt Pillow gave me a bright smile ,
Back where I should be ,
And one fine day ,
Dare , I hope ,
Felt Pillow will be mine .

But , One fine day ,
After 8th August 2015 ,
I hope my heart can stand still ,
I hope you (Felt Pillow) will be mine ,
As if I found you ,
I found my way again ,
Thanks to you ,
And , I really don't want to lose you .

Agak-2 ada chance tak nak menang ni ? Ekekeke , rasa macam kreatif dah . >_<  Harap ada peluang untuk menang .

So , for those yang nak join My Art & Craft GA , boleh klik pada gambar :D

Dateline : 8th August 2015

P/s : Sumber inspirasi : One Fine Day :D

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